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Sam Harris – Why Don’t I Criticize Israel? (Audio)


I will try to do a topic in English. But please keep in mind that English is not my first language.
So please forgive me for possible grammatical and other errors in the text I wrote beneath.

Is there no criticism possible on the actions of Israel? Sure there is. Lots of them. But will it change the harsh facts? Will it change the fact that muslims have and always had a agenda to wipe out every Jew in the world starting with the Middle East?

There was even a time that the muslims of Palestine sought and found cooperation with the German nazi's. They spoke of a mutual interest. The muslims of Palestine and Eastern Europe would, and indeed did, assist the nazi's with wiping out the European Jews. And the nazi's were planning to help out the muslims to wipe out the Jews in the Middle East so there would be a global genocide on the Jews to make the world 'judenrein' as the nazi's called it. But history changed the combined plans and effort of the muslims and nazi's. In other words, the coalition partners during World War II defeated the nazi's and so prevented the total eradication of the Jewish people.

The number of Jews already killed ended at about 6 million. About a quater of the Jews in the world. But it didn't end there. The Jews eventually fled to the Middle East. Not aware of the genocidal plans of the muslimworld. That's where the story didn't end but continued.

If we fast forward to today, or to tomorrow for that matter, than it is clear that the muslim agenda is more actual then ever. Not only are the muslims in Palestine trying to wipe out the Jews of Israel but the worldwide protest against Israel indicates that a vast majority of muslims in the west support this 'holy' agenda and task given to them by their prophet Muhammed. In about every large, and smaller cities, in the West we witnessed rallies of muslims, often together with leftist, where muslims chanted for the genocide of the Jews. And some of the participants in these rallies couldn't even wait until the rally was over to practice what they were preaching and attacked Jews and Jewish objects like it was the nazi Kristallnacht all over again.

Of course you can question, not arguing whether or not it's a legitimate question, if the state of Israel had a right to be established and therefore exist in the specific place in the Middle East. But why would you after more than 65 years. As well you can question, again not arguing whether or not it's a legitimate question, whether the so called 'Palestinian people' that were established some 20 years later have a equal of bigger right to the whole region including the Israeli territory. But why would you after almost 45 years.

History is what it is. There is no point in trying to change that. It will lead to only more bloodshed on all sides involved in this issue. The fact is, and remains, that the Israelis are there and the so called 'Palestinians' are there to.

The only effort both parties can make is to find a way to coexist. And the fact of the matter, all thing aside, is that the muslims have to give up their religious agenda of destroying the Jews, Sam Harrisstarting with the Jews of israel, and worldwide.

That being said I would love to hand over the issue to Sam Harris, whom I greatly admire for his sober and religious free stance on things, and agree with, for a closing statement, and to put the whole issue and lose elements I didn't address in perspective. Please take your time to listen to what Sam Harris has to say.

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